In the face of continued concern over the spread of COVID-19, most businesses are creating temporary work at home accommodations like ours. Tools such as Zoom, Teams and WebEx are going to be under greater strain than normal. Consumer internet and cellular provides will be oversubscribed as well. You may be wondering if you have sufficient Internet access for a decent web meeting experience. Following are links to platform-specific testing tools as well as a network testing tool.

Most of the common web conferencing solutions provide a site that can be used to “pre-flight” test your environment prior to a meeting. Below you can find a list several common conferencing tools and the associated pre-flight check site:

In addition to using the pre-flight check. A general knowledge of your internet capabilities may also be useful. There are an abundance of these sites and not all are created equal. Furthermore, if you are in New York conducting a test to California you are likely to get a much different result than someone in California testing to California. There are a lot of variables and it’s definitely a “your mileage may vary” situation.

Regardless, these tools can give you a good indication of your internet quality and web conference readiness. I am only providing a link to one such tool, if you have a favorite feel free to use it as well.

The MegaPath test site will choose an optimal server for you based on your current location. It also provides all the relevant information to make a rough estimate of internet quality. As you can see in image below, it lists download, upload, latency and jitter. Upload and download tend to only be of concern if the numbers are very low, less than 1 Mbps. For web conferences, latency and jitter are much more important. If latency is over 100 ms or jitter is over 10 ms you will likely have a choppy or inconsistent web conference experience.

MegaPath Speed Test Plus – Site Link

To be honest, folks, we’re in unprecedented times and no one is sure how the systems will respond to the strain they’ll be under. Connecting AT ALL may become what success looks like. Time will tell. We’ll continue to track with both the biological and technological impacts of COVID-19 and support you to the best of our abilities and capacities.

Please be safe everyone.