Network Management Solutions is excited to announce that we're being acquired by The 20 MSP, an industry leader in the managed IT services space and a company on the rise!

We've benefitted from The 20's powerful MSP platform for years, and indeed, The 20 has played an integral role in Network Management Solutions’ success up to this point. Our decision to join The 20 family reflects our desire to continue on a trajectory of growth and remain at the top of the MSP game, so that we can, in turn, keep providing our clients with exceptional IT support and security services.

In this short blog post, we want to share 'the why' and 'the what' — why Network Management Solutions is joining The 20, and what you can expect as we move forward with our acquisition by The 20.

The Why

Times change and technology evolves. Staying relevant in the IT industry means embracing all of this change, and doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of the technology curve. This is particularly true in the relatively young industry of managed IT services, where every year brings a whole new set of challenges, opportunities, and surprises!

A huge part of Network Management Solutions’ success has been our willingness to adapt and evolve our services to meet our clients' ever-changing needs. This brings us to 'the why':

The 20 is a dynamic force in the MSP space and a company on the rise. Joining The 20 will extend our market reach, elevate and differentiate our services, and help us stay not only relevant and competitive, but best-in-class.

Our leadership team took an honest look at the MSP market, and, with an eye to the future, asked a simple question: What’s the best way for us to continue providing our client businesses with top-notch IT support for a fair and predictable price?

In The 20, we not only found an answer, but an opportunity we couldn't let ourselves miss.

The What

Let's talk about what changes are on the horizon. First, there's our name. We're not Network Management Solutions anymore; we're The 20 MSP. Look out for our new name, and changes to our logo, look, and website.

Our ownership is also changing. We are now under The 20's ownership and leadership team. Tim Conkle, CEO of The 20, holds over 30 years of entrepreneurial success in the IT space, and has, through The 20, helped hundreds of MSPs achieve new growth and find success at scale.

Joining Tim in The 20's C-suite is an elite team of forward-thinking individuals, several of whom Network Management Solutions has had the privilege of getting to know over the years. We are incredibly excited to be joining a company led by peers we've worked with closely, and who have helped Network Management Solutions in countless ways.

OK, let's talk about service. As we carry out this rebrand, you can expect business as usual. That means prompt and friendly support when you need it. So, in that sense, nothing's changing.

But as we move forward with our acquisition by The 20, you can expect our service to evolve in ways that bring new value to you, our end clients. The 20 is an elite company with a national footprint and a premium MSP growth platform, and, as such, brings A LOT to the table, including:

  • Skilled engineers
  • New and higher-value offerings
  • More advanced services

Most importantly, The 20's core values align with our own. Network Management Solutions and The 20 have always been on the same page about one thing: IT should be an asset, not a cost, and an IT provider should be a true business partner that helps clients find long-term success.

Simply put, The 20 is a company that's all about helping people. It's what they're about, it's what we're about, and it's why we're confident that joining The 20 is going to help us find continued success in the managed IT services space.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

As excited as we are to begin this next chapter in our company's journey, rest assured that one thing isn't going to change around here: our dedication to our clients' organizations and their long-term success!

Network Management Solutions has gotten this far by taking care of our clients, and by providing excellent technical support with a human touch. As The 20 MSP, we're going to keep doing just that — only better.

A huge thank you to all of our clients for entrusting us with your businesses. It means the world to us, and we're excited to continue building our relationships and helping you succeed through better IT.